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Rental recoolers

We currently have 14 JAEGGI hybrid coolers in stock with varying capacities and volume flows from 250 – 3000 kW. They are compatible with all plugs and can be assembled at your site and temporarily connected with hoses from DN 100 – 200.

We naturally also offer corresponding pumps, transitions, adapters, plate heat exchangers and even water treatment systems. No matter whether the coolant circuit is closed or half-open, we are equipped for it. We are also able to transport the smaller devices ourselves as well as unload and position them with our own loading crane.



Rental chillers

For smaller processes such as laser cooling, hydraulic cooling or similar thermal processes that are found in buildings from 9 – 70 kW in small recooling systems as well as larger systems on request. The temperatures are freely selectable between 6 and 20 °C. They require the necessary power for these systems, e.g. with 70 kW a 63 A CEE connection.

The systems are maintained after they are returned and are driven to test the performance to be able to ensure their efficiency and operational reliability while they are at our customers' premises.

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