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We are a successful service provider in the technical field.


We are not only active as Germany-wide authorised service partner for many well-known companies but also in Austria, France and Luxembourg.



Maintenance of utility plants and equipment

The trouble-free functioning of utility plants is mostly very important as the utility area can react to changes in climate and humidity or media and energy so that people or products and resources suffer harm.


Our duties include preventive checking of all equipment, cleaning to maintain functionality and the replacement of worn material. And naturally the subsequent repair of any defects that have been discovered.


Here are some plants and equipment from the many that we have serviced for our clients across Germany:



Process water treatment plants

like the water softener here using the ion exchange principle (also the supply of regenerating salt)


Maintenance of ventilation and air conditioning plants

with and without humidifier or heat recovery.

This includes mechanical, electric and control/instrumentation activities and the mechanical cleaning of heat recovery storage units and recirculation spray humidifiers.

The actuator and control drives, pumps and drive systems used normally for the media supply also belong to the everyday tasks we perform.



such as centrifugal, hose, sump and dosing pumps – we replace bearings, mechanical seals for almost all brands and we replace oil, optimise the running or the alignment using the most modern technology.


Backwashing filters

and sand filter systems are checked for functionality and cleaned or repaired as required.


Heat transfer equipment

should preferably have purely metallic surfaces and should be operated with a water treatment concept (if in contact with water) or regularly cleaned. Only then is it possible to avoid coatings/incrustations or blockages due to organic matter which reduce heat transfer and so increase your costs for energy and wear. 


We provide this service for liquefiers, evaporators, plate heat exchangers, tube-bundle heat exchangers, louvred air coolers such as air curtains for doors/convector heaters for halls, oil separators on ventilation systems and cooling tower registers. 


We will be happy to assist and advise you with our experience or prepare a concept that matches your needs and your systems.

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