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We maintain some vehicles, both open and with canvas cover, from 3.5 tons to 26 tons total weight. Various sizes and tonnages are possible. We are an authorised transport company with a road haulage licence to transport your goods. We have a truck with a 42 metric tons crane that can lift

800 kg at around 22.5 m. If we remove the jib, the 3 m crane can lift 9 tons at a time from its loading area. The truck and its trailer form a 40 tons train and have a 9.5 tons payload with ISO container locks, which means that they can also be used to transport 20-foot sea containers or office/residential containers.


We also have a crane tent which can be used for parties or work in dry conditions. The diameter is approx. 18 m. Must be securely tensioned, if necessary, with IBC containers filled with water.

With our smaller vehicles such as a Dodge with 2.0 tons payload and several 3.5 tons and 3.0 tons trailers which all have a payload of around 2.0 tons smaller transports are also possible. The vehicle fleet is primarily used for transport for our own purposes but can also be used for your materials or time-sensitive goods.

It is also possible to load and transport our 3.5 tons forklift for assorted activities if a forklift is needed on site. Our vehicle fleet also includes our own working platforms, enabling ad hoc deployment independent of suppliers at any time.

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